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I help entrepreneurs overcome the addictive hustle mindset so they can thrive in their relationships and business

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Do you...
⚫️ Do you put off all other areas of your life until you’ve reach that thing- “I’ll be happy when…” ?
⚫️ Do you push yourself hard all the time and ignore everyone because you believe what you put in is what you get out? 
⚫️ Has your partner expressed feeling alone and neglected?
⚫️ Do you have trouble concentrating on your loved ones because you always have a feeling of guilt for not having done more?
⚫️ If you are asked to be present even at a short get together, you feel anxious and stressed that you can’t work

 If any (or all) of this resonates with you, then you're in the right place! The good news is you can change! There is a better approach that allows you to balance your driven, ambitious nature with a desire to live a whole life, that keeps you present with your partner. 

My goal is to help entrepreneurs prioritize being present with those who matter most, while still growing their business. We can help you go from burnout, distracted, & overworked to excelling in your business AND relationship!

Jordyn T.

"After struggling with my mental state, not feeling confident, and not being my true self for so long, I decided to reach out to Kate and asked for help. With her support and direction, I chose 5 affirmations that I write everyday, respond to a journal prompt, and pull a card with inspirational messages. It has only been a short amount of time and her guidance has helped tremendously. It is very apparent that Kate genuinely cares and wants to help people in empowering themselves."

Ajay R.

"Now that Kate has me asking myself “does this fill my cup?” When it comes to anything involving the creative process I’m a hell yes! There was a time recently when I didn’t know how to even start to ask myself this question until I hired an Accountability Coach to melt the icebergs around my heart. Need some extra inner friend voices? Give her a call! Let’s fill up the cups!"

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